The Association of Telecommunication Operators and Service Providers (ASTEL) is composed by the premiere alternative electronic communication service providers that began operating in Spain when the telecommunication monopoly ended.

Established in 1996 with the primary objective to promote the liberalization of the Spanish telecommunication´s market; and since has been the leading spokesperson for the new service providers entering the market.

ASTEL is the most representative association of this sector specializing in telecommunication regulations. ASTEL´s expertise, however, is not limited to this sector and encompasses additional regulated sectors that may impact members' interests or activities.



  • The main areas of ASTEL's work are: To ensure and increase the market's competitiveness, by contributing to the development of telecommunications in Spain promoting the creation of wealth and stable employment.
  • To improve the telecommunications networks and services' legal framework by promoting the principle of freedom to access the telecommunications market.
  • To consolidate efforts against any activity or measure that may could restrict the competitiveness in the telecommunications sector.


ASTEL, as the representative of its associated member companies, ensures their official position reaches policy decision makers, as well as, the media; actively participates in the legal discussion proposing measures, feedback, arguments and claims to proposals and legislation that may concern the telecommunications sector; and ensures the effective implementation of the mandated legislation before the regulatory bodies and courts.

ASTEL´s membership reflects the current different business models present in the Spanish market: fixed and mobile voice and data telecommunications, broadband, TV, corporate communications, cable and WLL operators, wholesale and retail services, etc., which leads to frequent debates that usually conclude in the adoption of shared and neutral practices and position statements regarding the different business models of the associated companies.